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Name: Hilton / Howick


Hilton Village is situated in the heart of the KZN Midlands, at the foothills of the Drakensberg escarpment approximately 10km north of Pietermaritzburg on the main transport route (N3) from Johannesberg to Durban. Prior to the first known settlement of Hilton area in the early mid 19th Century, by the Voortrekkers who aptly named it ‘Groenekloof’; it has been known for years to the Nguni people as ‘nyezake’ meaning “His feet” and it was one of the most well used trails of King Shaka Zulu’s marauding ‘impis’; who only a decade before the arrival of the first European explorers in Natal, had set in motion the notorious upheaval wars of the ‘mfecane’, which had laid vast tracts of Natal and its’ hinterland barren and desolate of all inhabitants. After the Voortrekkers brief occupation of natal prior to British colonization, Hilton eventually acquired it’s current name from an early English settler woman called Jane Henderson who hailed from Staffordshire in England and had nostalgically named the area after a park near her home of origin.

By to days standards Hilton Village has bountifully overflowed into being a large suburb of Pietermaritzburg and is jokingly known to most midlands residents as ‘Hill Town’; where a hive of activity of all aspects continues. The original country Hotels and Inns still exist and there is also an abundance of B&B’s and other places to sleep over, as well as numerous nurseries, open gardens, and crafts people all inhabiting it’s expanse; including well renown artists, furniture makers, leather workers and excellent cuisine emporiums, amidst beautiful surroundings and also a host of other intriguing people and interesting places to see. Hilton primarily boasts two commercial centers, thereby offering a convenient ‘must see’ stop to all travellers or meanderers who are ambling around, seeking to experience extremely pleasant places in the most memorable surrounds.