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Name: Richmond


Richmond is steeped in 1850 Byrne Settler, 1860 Indian and idigenous Bhaca Zulu history. The town establish by settlers boasts a first Tennis Club in South Africa (1876) among other firsts. Its Museum records in documents, artifacts, photographs and books the story of the settler's struggles and successes in developing the town and successful farming district.

A beautifully crafted bronze Memorial plague in Fielden Street commemorates the sad incident of the execution of the 12 so-called 'rebels' of the Trewirgie incident of the Bambata rebellion described in a pamphlet available with the books "Dear Louisa" and "Richmond Natal, Its People & History" and other relevant pamphlets. Periodic open days are held and regular outings to historical farm buildings and sites are organised in conjunction with the Richmond Heritage Society.