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Name: Albert Falls Dam
Area: Cramond

                                                              3 stars

                Albert Falls Dam

The Albert Falls Dam and Game Reserve on the Albert Falls Amble, is a wonderful haven for the keen birder, the game viewing and water sports enthusiast. Where old-timers used to water-ski on what was the old Peatties Lake, today hundreds of visitors fish for bass, enjoy recreational motor-boating and take advantage of the tranquil thornveld that is bursting with wildlife.

Take a break in the fully equipped self-catering rondavels and chalets set in the Notuli Game Park. The exclusive 6 bed Notuli cottage is the perfect getaway for families, and offers spectacular views of the Albert Falls Dam and Karkloof mountains in the background.

Along the shoreline are well appointed campsites from where you will encounter antelope grazing close by. Game viewing will reveal rhino, eland, blesbok, giraffe, warthog, zebra and a wide variety of birdlife.

Clean hot and cold water showers and washing facilities ensure the popularity of this venue every holiday. Spend days enjoying the 280 species of birdlife amid an atmosphere of serenity.

Conference facilities are available at Albert Falls Dam and Game Reserve in formal or casual settings and are attended by professional staff.

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